Goals and Content

The project will design and develop an innovative platform for the collection and analysis of large marine surveillance data. The vision of the project is to efficiently and quickly process, integrate and analyze these data in order to create (a) a "Combined Real-time Business Image" and (b) a "Combined Historic Image" of Marine Surveillance. The project aspires to further develop already developed data processing techniques and to develop innovative software solutions utilizing cutting-edge research to be carried out within the project on in-memory databases, algorithms and parallel programming models and analytical methods data (big data analytics). In summary, the project objectives are as follows:

• Enhance the role of vessel activity data in Data Economy by upgrading to data-as-a-product and increasing their added value through integration with open geographic, environmental and meteorological data.

• Effective support for behavioral analysis and navigation patterns from historical vessel activity data in conjunction with geographic, environmental and meteorological parameters, using analytical data technologies.

• Effective recording and visualization of the real-time Business Image in Greek Seas through real-time visual analytics and methods of accurate identification and analysis of object activity with efficient data flow processing algorithms.

• Dynamic fleet modeling and implementation of two major pilot applications in fisheries and tourism.

• Editing and publishing part of the collected data as open data.

The results of the project are very important for the business sector that is active in the Sea Economy.

COSMOS, which participates in the project, has developed the Sea Observer software, the most modern of its kind, which is already in a production operation at the Hellenic Fish-Breeding Center (EHINAP) for the monitoring of fishing activity in Greece. The research results of the project are immediately usable in future technological and functional expansion.