Implementing Elements

Project Duration: 33 months (from 18/7/2018 to 17/4/2021)

Work Ability Analysis


Work Packages / Deliverables


WP1 - Requirements analysis, specifications and data plan

D1.1 Technical analysis of requirements analysis and description of usage scenarios (Report, COSMOS).

D1.2. Technical data management plan report (Report, COSMOS).


WP2 - System Architecture and Infrastructure

D2.1. Technical Architecture Report (Exhibit, COSMOS).

D2.2. Integrated management and analytical data system (Software, COSMOS).


WP3 - Large data management

D3.1. Terminal integration / merger report (Report, IPA).

D3.2. Source integration / merger software (Software, IIS).

D3.3. Model Management and Activity Management Software (Software, IPSY).

D3.4. Available Open Data Portal (Website, IIS).


WP4 - Big data analytics

D4.1. Technical analysis of historical historical traffic data (Report, DataStories).

D4.2. Technical report of multiple data traffic flows (Report, DataStories).

D4.3. Software Analytical Data Software (Software, DataStories).

D4.4. Multi-Flow Data Flow Processing Software (Software, DataStories).


WP5 - Dynamic fleet study, pilot applications and evaluation

D5.1. Dynamic Fleet Modeling Technique Report (Exhibit, IAABIBE).

Technical report on the study of fishing pressure and fishery production (Report, ITABIPE).

Technical Report on Analysis, Documentation and Evaluation of Results (Report, COSMOS).